Fall Love

Another weekend packed full of  (baby) friends, festivals, and gorgeous fall weather.

A few photos….

IMG_3179 IMG_3227 IMG_3231 IMG_3241 IMG_3251 IMG_3260 IMG_3279 IMG_3297 IMG_3307 IMG_3308 IMG_3310 IMG_3315 IMG_3316 IMG_3323 IMG_3327 IMG_3338 IMG_3342 IMG_3348

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READING:  Ha. I haven’t read a thing in over a year.  I used to read alllll the time, but haven’t had any of the time lately. Every time we go to Barnes and Noble (once a week now, for the train table, not the books anymore), I stroll past the current best sellers shelf, pick up and read the back of each book and make a mental note of all the catching up I’ll have to do in the next few years, assuming time allows it.  I have a stack of Real Simple, 12 issues to be exact, from the past year, which I figure I’ll read with the current months.  What could have possibly changed in a year?

ANTICIPATING:  Starting in October, I’ll be taking in another child to watch.  I’ve been out of the game for quite some time, so I’m starting slow, one full day a week.  Three one year old babes, holy moly.

WATCHING:  Ray Donovan (dvr’d on Monday nights at a much more decent hour than 9pm!), and my god-awful lifelong guilty pleasure, Teen Mom 2.  Both shows are amazing this season and I highly recommend.  Well, less the latter, but whatever.
THANKFUL FOR:  So, so much.  Two amazing babies, two amazing pups, one amazing husband, and a handful of amazing friends.  Thankful that I’m able to stay home and watch our two sweet babies grow up most of all, though, which again, made possible by aforementioned amazing husband who works like crazy to provide for all of us.
PLANNING FOR:  Autumn.  Hayrides.  Pumpkin picking.  Apple picking.  Backyard fires.  Chilly nights.  Halloween.  Sweaters.  Festivals.  All things fall.
LOVING:  All of the new interactions between the babies.  They now share everything (Scout willingly, Griffin, not so much) and spend much of their days talking to each other and the dogs.  Yesterday, I caught the two of them in the kitchen talking to each other with colanders on their heads.  I’m sure that’s completely normal, and they’re probably above average when it comes to intelligence.
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