My Pregnancy: 36 weeks

I’ve gone from cute pregnant to keep it in the circus pregnant. People are either insanely nice to me, or can’t help but giving me really, really dirty looks. I had a man at Wegmans look me up and down three times and finish me off with a look of disgust on Monday. He was sweet.  I considered body slamming him with my giant belly, but instead just smiled politely and made fun of his khaki shorts and sneakers in my head. Apparently I should stay in my house (probably the basement would be the best because it’s dark) as not to offend or make other people uncomfortable until this whole “pregnancy saga” is over. At any rate, doctors appointment went well (internal exam, mmm), as did the non stress test. On Tuesday, we had our car seats (four bases!) installed, so there’s that. A good friend of mine who is due the day before me was admitted to the hospital for pre-eclampsia. After running tons of tests, they’ve decided to keep her for the week, and induce at the end of next week. We’re hoping to have adjoining rooms at the hospital by next Friday. Hey, stranger things have happened, no?

How far along: 36 weeks

Total weight gain: catching up for lost time i guess- total 26 lbs.

Maternity clothes: anything that covers the majority of my stomach.

Stretch marks: zip!

Sleep: no. i haven’t slept in days. literally, days. it’s starting to catch up with me, which is very unpleasant for those around me, no doubt.

Best moment of this week: realizing I only have two possible weeks left.

Miss anything: sleep. oh sleep.

Movement: less movement, but much stronger these days. everyone loves a solid head butt to the cervix, no?

Food cravings: nah, but i have been indulging in the occasional snack (usually apples or watermelon) between 2-4am.

Anything making you queasy or sick: eating too much.

Have you started to show yet: not that i’ve noticed.

Gender: still a girl and a boy. i’m pretty sure that won’t change.

Labor signs: ha, maybe i’m missing them? hopefully?

Belly button in or out: still out.

Wedding rings on or off: they’re off and tucked away for me to forget where i put them later.

Happy or moody most of the time: that’s sort of a loaded question.

Looking forward to: a cold beer on the porch.