Overwhelmed with Happiness and Hormones

Megg’s transformation to “mom” was the funniest thing I have ever witnessed.

You see, she’s not the mushy type.  Well, she’s not the mushy type with anyone other than our dogs, who she loves more than life itself.

Each day when she comes home, she runs upstairs to put on her play clothes, just like a third grade boy does when he gets home from school.  But she doesn’t run outside to play with her friends until the streetlights come on.  Instead, she immediately runs down the steps and smothers her pups with hugs and kisses.  She shares this affection with no one else.  No.  One.  Else.

But those babies changed all of that.

In the hospital, we probably said to each other at least fifty times, “Can you believe they’re really ours?”   Nope, I couldn’t believe it either.  We were totally in love with these two.  Our hearts doubled in size to accommodate the love we now felt for those two swaddled buggars.

Over the next few weeks, whether from hormones or pure happiness, she became a blubbering mess.  She had become a mom to the fullest.

So many times, she would explain to me just how happy she was and we would talk about how we never knew we could be so happy.  Really cheesy stuff.  Everyone told us that we would feel this way, but we usually laughed at these people and called them softies.

But we were the softies now.  And we were really soft.

Mom’s tears of joy would come several times a day and she would utter phrases that I could have never predicted, especially in the context of newborn twins.

Phrases like:

We’re so lucky.

I love them so much.

We’re so lucky.

I’m so glad there’s two (which was the most surprising).

And every other mushy phrase that no one would ever expect her to say.

Honestly, we had feared the idea of twins for a while, but now we considered ourselves way luckier than those poor souls who only had one newborn. We would literally spend hours gazing at those tiny faces, then smiling at each other before returning our eyes to the babies.  Total softies.

Her heart’s space is probably 90% occupied with an unconditional love for her dogs and babies.

And I’m thrilled that the remaining space is filled with her love for me and soft pretzels.