No room for twins

So far, I’ve managed to fit in to the singleton world pretty well. There have been a few obstacles here and there, but we’re managing. I know that as the parent of two babies of the same age, things aren’t always going to be easy. I found this out first hand recently while attempting to attend story hour with my twins at the local library.

A couple of friends that I had made at mom’s group had agreed to meet at the 11am baby story time. I got both babies together, and even got to story time five minutes early, only to find thirty strollers lined up outside of the packed room. I peaked in and saw everyone with their one baby sitting on their laps ready to go. I have two babies, therefore I needed to bring in at least one carrier in order to put the one baby that I wasn’t holding at the time in.


Seems like no big deal, right? Well, today it was.

There was literally no room for me, both babies and at least one carrier. As my new friends arrived, I semi-explained the situation without appearing to feel completely sorry for myself and my poor kids. I spent the rest of story time sitting outside the room with both babies on a blanket, quietly singing along with the songs from inside.

So pathetic.

I felt like I was the only kid in my fourth grade class who didn’t get invited to a birthday skating party.

I have since been back to baby story time, several times, always arriving at least twenty minutes early as to secure a spot for me and ALL of my kiddies.

Take that, singleton world!

Side note: After class was over, my new friends and I decided to get lunch at the local cafe down the street. After taking out several tables with my giant stroller, we made it to the back of the restaurant, where both babies screamed inconsolably. I left quickly, crying the entire walk to the car.

You win some, you lose some.