Heading Home with Newborn Twins

Our homecoming day had finally arrived.

We somehow managed to accumulate even more baby stuff while we were in the hospital, so I started making trips to the car with all of our belongings.

One potential problem that could have thwarted things was the infamous car seat challenge.  Sounds like an 80’s board game, but it’s not.

You see, Griffin was still extremely small.  Because he was so small, there was a chance that our car seat, which was designed for normal-sized babies, wouldn’t get the job done safely.  So they had to do a trial run.

They put little Griffin in his car seat, which now included special modifications, consisting of strategically placed, rolled-up receiving blankets.  The blankets ensured a more secure fit in the seat.  After he was buckled in, they monitored his vital signs to guarantee that he would be ok in the seat.  My little boy passed with flying colors, and he was officially safe to ride in his gigantic car seat.


IMG_4597 IMG_4585   IMG_4584   IMG_4581

Here we go!


A member of the hospital staff came with the wheelchair and Megg hopped in.  She carried one baby in its carrier and her mother carried the other.  I bent over to pick up the diaper bag, and Megg’s gigantic, expensive camera fell from my shoulder onto the floor.


I was afraid to look up because I didn’t want to see the look she was probably giving me.  I picked it up, re-secured the strap on my shoulder, and tried again.

This time, Megg’s tumbler of water fell from the side pouch, and crashed onto the floor.


Because I had managed to drop everything I attempted to carry, I was convinced that every adult in the room was doubting my ability to raise these kids.  I was evening beginning to doubt it myself.

Somehow we made it to the first floor with nothing else falling from hands.  We posed for a few photos and headed home on the nicest, coolest day of the summer.  It was the perfect day to welcome these newborn twins to their new home!

IMG_4606 IMG_4605 IMG_1833 IMG_4604


IMG_4609 IMG_4607     IMG_4608


We arrived at home with the same number of living babies that we had when we left the hospital.  A small victory.

Our four-legged babies were so happy to see Mom and she was liberal with her kisses and dog treats.  When I came in the house with the twins, the pups looked at the baby carriers and probably assumed that someone with babies was visiting us, and that there was no chance those babies could actually be ours.

Before I knew it, there were two podsters on the coffee table holding our sleeping babies.  I suggested to my mother-in-law that we should put the babies in the office, where we had set up a “downstairs nursery”.


My suggestion was shot down.

In my rational mind, the babies would sleep in their designated room, just like most people sleep in their room.  But there is no room for rational thinking with twins, I suppose.  I was informed that they would occupy the coffee table for the next few weeks because it was the hub of life and we could tend to them better if they were in the same room as us.

But the coffee table and living room are not for babies.  They are for us, and drinks, and food.

Not anymore.