Fridays are the best days

Today was amazing for a million reasons. Here are four of them.

  1.  I didn’t start work until noon, which gave me time to take Scout and Griffin on a solo trip to Target (woohoo!), and then to meet up with a friend at our favorite local play area. image
  2. Griffin (for the first time ever, EVER) fell asleep at his high chair.  I struggled to get him out and change his diaper because I was laughing so hard. image image
  3. Scout had lunch that consisted of Doritos (blue, obviously) and strawberries, showing that she truly is my daughter and she clearly understands the struggle of dieting.
  4. Oh, it’s Friday.  Which means tomorrow is Saturday and we have ZERO plans for the weekend, which makes it the best weekend ever.  Beer will be drank, we’ll make a trip to the beach, and life is so amazingly relaxing, if only for two days.  I love summer so very much.