Designing a twin nursery

Twin-acceptance gradually turned into a form of twin-excitement, at least for me.  Rather than worry about the absolute craziness that will take place once our double-bundle-of-joy arrives, we decided to start prepping, planning, and purchasing the things that we would need for our future lives as twin parents.  But designing a twin nursery would be no simple task.

Always a savvy shopper, my wife kept an eye out for diaper deals.  If a deal popped up online, or in store, she would quickly calculate the price per diaper and decide if it was worth it.  It was impressive.  We read somewhere that the babies would go through about 20 diapers each day, between the two of them, which isn’t even funny.  By the time she was six months pregnant, we had a sedan-sized wall of diaper boxes in the basement, from sizes 1-4.

Crazy?  Definitely.

Embarrassing? Sort of.

Completely Necessary?  I think so.

I felt like a hoarder, or maybe a doomsday prepper, but it was a relief to know that we were well stocked and that we wouldn’t have to buy a single diaper before the apocalypse, or before the kids were two years old.


But the fun didn’t end with diapers.  We still had a tandem nursery to dream up, so we headed to Pottery Barn.

Yeah right.  We went to IKEA.

We picked up two cribs from IKEA, along with a dresser.  We found a second dresser at a consignment shop.  We decided that gray paint was a neutral enough color for a boy/girl pair, and settled on a fine shade to cover our walls.  My wife was back to her stubborn self and she insisted on painting the nursery, so I let her have at it.


IMG_8729 IMG_8734

After picking up a few odds and ends, the nursery was complete.  I mean, the guestroom was complete.  That particular room in our house had always been reserved for guests, and in a sense, it was still being reserved for two special guests, so we kept the name.  It may have been a trace of the denial mentioned earlier, but who cares?

439 437 432 428

413 411

407 401 406


392 394 391

378 371 365

358 334 332

331   329 330

  IMG_0046 326    IMG_0044

Planning a twin nursery was fun, but I never want to do it again.

Sort of.

I mean, I wasn’t really allowed to do anything anyway.