Change of Plans. Time to deliver

Around week 36 of Mom’s pregnancy, she went to yet another doctor’s appointment, with no idea that our supposed timeline would be shortened.  For the previous few weeks, we had our bags packed, ready to welcome these babies at any moment, but we were told that they were hanging on and probably wouldn’t be here for a while.

Both babies were head-down and ready to come naturally.  That was our plan, and we prayed that she wouldn’t become one of those cases where one baby comes naturally, but the other comes via c-section.

During her 89,583rd appointment, the tech could not find the heartbeat of Baby B,  our sweet boy who loved to kick Mom in the ribs.  The tech shifted the wand way up on Mom’s stomach and found his heartbeat in an area of the stomach that was previously unoccupied.  Playing it cool, the tech went to find the doctor.

The ultrasound revealed that Baby B had flipped.  Time for a change of plans.

We were told that they were unlikely to flip, and if one did flip, she would really feel it because there wasn’t much wiggle room left.  Now with one baby feet first, they decided that a c-section would be necessary, and sooner than expected.  They told her to call and schedule a c-section for the following week, just like one would call to make a hair appointment.  No big deal.

Megg scheduled the appointment for Monday, August 11.  We told our close friends and family about the date and told them that we were going to the hospital at 11am, even though the appointment was actually for 9am.  We figured that it would help to prevent constant texts and phone calls to see if the babies had arrived yet.  I highly suggest following this move if you find yourself in a similar situation.

So we made the most of the weekend.  Well, as much as you can make of a weekend with a woman whose belly is constantly getting in the way.

We decided to devote most of our time and energy to our dogs.  I took Stella, our athletic Goldendoodle, to the park for a six mile trail run while Mom snuggled at home with our lazy bulldog, Bruiser.  We took them out for the afternoon to go swimming at a state park and just tried to love them as much as possible before we had to share our attention with two new members of our household.  We’ve always been great dog-parents to those two, and we swore that would never change.

IMG_2590 IMG_1530   IMG_1504 IMG_2591     IMG_1400         IMG_1376


We had a very nice dinner at home and tried to behave as normally as possible, despite the fact that Mom’s stomach would be sliced open in order to remove two human beings the next morning when it was time to deliver. IMG_1529

And that was the last time I felt truly rested.