Autumn Weekends

Fall is here!

Maybe not quite yet on the calendar, but mentally, we’re there.

We spent our first fall-ish weekend, doing one of our favorite fall things, festivals.  From now until November, it seems there is a festival of sorts going on every weekend, and we intend to hit them all.  Last weekend, we celebrated Irish heritage (mostly beer, celtic music, and deliciously terrible food), this weekend was the big Scarecrow Festival at Peddler’s Village.

Peddler’s Village, in the New Hope, PA area, is great by itself, but it was extra festive and busy during the Scarecrow Festival.  We arrived on Saturday afternoon and parked right in the middle of things.  All of the kid-friendly stuff was going on in a little field right off the main drag.

There was a giant tent set up for making your own scarecrow, surrounded by bails of hay and plenty of flannel to make your scarecrow look the part. All participants were itchy and sneezy as they stuffed denim and flannel with the hay.

There were your run-of-the-mill tents set up for making sand art, face painting, and pumpkin painting.  Unfortunately, they had just run out of pumpkins to paint, so we’ll have to do that at home instead.

But we were lucky enough to catch a great show by Lolly and Yo-Yo!  We’d never seen these two before, but we’re glad we did.  As you may know, we’re no strangers to music classes and sing-alongs, but these two put on a show that we won’t soon forget.  They had the crowd going right from the start.  Parents were watching from the outside, while their kids sang along with songs, played with props, and exhausted themselves completely.  Lolly and Yo-Yo had the kids (and parents) engaged the entire time.  Very impressive.

After the show ended, we walked through the narrow streets and settled down with soft pretzels and juice boxes to do some people-watching.  It really felt like fall, finally.  We found a nice place in the grass to spend the last hour or so and let the kids crawl around for a bit.  Scarecrow Festival was in the books.


** griffin insisted on wearing my sunglasses to dance during the whole show.  such a ham.

IMG_2661 IMG_2663 IMG_2664 IMG_2666 IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2674

IMG_2759 IMG_2754 IMG_2746 IMG_2731 IMG_2699 IMG_2695 IMG_2688 IMG_2682 IMG_2681

Sunday was an equally nice day, so we packed up the family and headed to Washington Crossing to make the most of it.

Megg was feeling nostalgic and wanted to pick up a few slices of pizza from a place she used to frequent years ago, so we grabbed a few slices and found a shady spot along the tow path and canal.

Again, this weather was amazing.  We spread out our go-to picnic blanket under a maple tree with gigantic leaves and ate our amazing pizza.  S & G ate some pizza, string cheese, pretzels, and dried leaves and tried to crawl away from the blanket whenever they had the chance.  After relaxing for a bit, we took our new stroller for a spin on the tow path.

The tow path was mostly in the shade and it runs along a nice canal, which made for an awesome little stroll.  The new stroller was amazing and each baby took a turn riding in it.  I’m sure you’ll hear all about the stroller soon, whether it’s from us or the Internet, because it’s the lightest, most compact thing ever.  S & G give it four thumbs up.

We dodged cyclists and runners on the tow path for an hour, then packed everyone up to get home before the Eagles game.  If you can call it that.

Fall is here and hopefully for good!

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