Weekly Portrait of My Children 34/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week thirty-four // scout: turned 3 (!!!) on Friday, freely climbs in and out of her bed whenever she feels like it, and says things like “i’m just a little nervous,” making us laugh like crazy.

week thirty-four // griffin: turned 3 (!!!) on Friday, can ride a scooter like no one’s business, and enjoys telling scout what she can and cannot do.

week thirty-four// marlowe: does the most amazing duck face when you unswaddle her in the morning, loves laughing at Scout and Griffin when they laugh (or cry), and is a drooling machine.

Weekly Portrait of My Children 33/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week thirty-three // scout: learns new songs in 10 minutes flat, likes to pretend she’s a dog regularly, and has finally gotten over the fact that she no longer has a bink at night (only took three weeks 😓).

week thirty-three // griffin: is killing the puzzle game, loves a nice cheese omelet for breakfast (every single morning), and can turn the charm on so easily.

week thirty-three // marlowe: always sleeps on her side with her chubby arms folded below her chin, is babbling like crazy, and is constantly changing sleep patterns.

Life Lately

Summer always has a way of making you feel like the days aren’t long enough, and this summer has been no different.

So much has changed over the last four months, but most days it feels like nothing has changed at all.

Marlowe has settled so nicely into our little family.  Scout and Griffin have been so unbelievably good to us, as well as Marlowe.  I seriously, couldn’t ask for anything more.

We’re spending these summer days taking in all that this crazy life has to offer us.  We’re waking up early, going to bed late, and squeezing in as much fun as possible.  I’m torn between our amazing routine (which keeps everyone well slept, well fed, and well behaved) and just going with the flow and chaos.  Fortunately, because we’ve had such a great schedule for so long, the kids do really well if we stray from that routine occasionally.  Marlowe, on the other hand, will be the only Lex child that will most likely never know routine.  This kid naps in the car, in my arms, nursing, on the floor, on the changing pad, in the grass, and anywhere else that will allow her to catch a few z’s.  Most of her meals are fed in the drivers seat of my car in parking lots before or after activities, grocery shopping, park playdates, and vet/doctor appointments.  I can’t think of the last time that she’s finished a meal on her own without having to be pulled off to help someone else, somewhere else.  And she has been a saint through it all.  I am the luckiest mama ever.

Here are a few photos from our awesome summer so far…..

visiting dad on his last day of school!
marlowe killing it at all of her urology appointments.
happy father’s day!
first face paint 🙂