32 weeks (round two)

How far along:  32 weeks

Total weight gain: 19 lbs

Maternity clothes: refusing to buy anything this round, which has forced me to get creative with all of my summer maternity clothes.

Stretch marks: nada 🙂

Sleep: nothing compared to what I went through being pregnant with twins.

Best moment of this week: being semi released by MFM until 37 weeks.

Miss anything: letting both kids sit on my lap with plenty of room to spare.

Movement: currently watching my stomach move side to side like an alien, as I type.

Food cravings: lots of candy.  what’s new?

Anything making you queasy or sick: eating, in general.  i’ve been doing that really fun thing where I eat dinner, then have to sit up straight for the next five hours so that I don’t vomit.  it’s the best, and it only gets better/worse.

Have you started to show yet: i’m massive.

Labor signs: braxton hicks, alllll day long.

Belly button in or out: poor guy never stood a chance.

Wedding rings on or off: on.  no swelling thus far!

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, but tired.  again, what’s new?

Looking forward to: these next eight weeks dragggging