New babes

After much discussion (years), we’ve gone ahead and gotten backyard chickens.  Four of them to be exact.  Four of the tiniest, cutest chicks I’ve ever seen, named by G&S after the cast of their (current) favorite movie, Sing.  Introducing Gunter (pronounced Goooonter), Rosita, Ash, and Johnny.

L to R: Ash, Gunter, Rosita, and Johnny

Here’s what I know about these chicks so far:

They’re freaking adorable.  Like really, really, really cute.

They all have their own personalities.

They feed on human interaction.

They poop on everything.  EVERYTHING.

They stick together, no matter what.

The kids are all over them.  Mostly Scout, who insists on holding more than one at a time while petting and kissing the tops of their heads.  Griffin likes to pretend he’s going to pick one up, then run away laughing hysterically when they come towards him.

These babies will live on our porch under a heat lamp until they’re about five weeks old, when they will move out to their coop in the backyard.   We’re hoping to have fresh (pretty blues and greens) eggs by 6 months, and to notice a drop in the tick population in our yard.

Plus, isn’t it fun to say that you live with 3 children, 2 dogs, and 4 chickens?