Weekly Portrait of My Children 29/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week twenty-nine // scout: tells me regularly that I’m her best friend, loves taking showers, and has been pretty insistent about getting her ears pierced.

week twenty-nine // griffin: has become obsessed with fishing lately, can put his sneakers on all by himself, and has decided to talk in bed for at least an hour a night before falling asleep.

week twenty-nine // marlowe: has decided that car rides are not her thing, is getting rely good at sitting up (supported, obviously.), and has started grabbing everything within her reach.

Weekly Portrait of My Children 28/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week twenty-eight // scout:  is constantly talking about getting her ears pierced, loves to wrestle, and while passing the hospital the other day, asked “mama, you have another baby in your belly soon?”

week twenty-eight // griffin: loves breaking stuff (intentionally, as well as unintentionally), does the best “most annoying sound in the world” impression from dumb and dumber, and is as good at testing my patience as he is at being overly sweet.

week twenty-eight // marlowe: smiles all day long, has started laughing (mostly when she’s watching scout and griff-o), and is still nursing like a champ.