Weekly Portrait of My Children 27/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week twenty-seven // scout: thinks school and squirrel are the same word and uses this knowledge confidently, loves swimming in the pool, and reminds us daily that she doesn’t want to sit on santa’s lap.

week twenty-seven // griffin: has decided that he likes ants, until he actually sees one, is obsessed with reading currently, and has suddenly forgotten how to say please.

week twenty-seven // marlowe: has started sitting up for a second (with a hand on her back), laughed for the first and only time so far, and loves being outside.

Weekly Portrait of My Children 26/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week twenty-six // scout: can scream louder than i can when she sees a bug, loves her “little pets,” and says things like “i’m just really tired,” like a grown woman.

week twenty-six // griffin: eats more berries than he puts in the basket when we pick, hates the thought of getting a bath, but loves it once he’s in, and does a lot of mumbling under his breath.

week twenty-six // marlowe: is weighing in at over 12 lbs, hates having blankets on, and wakes up with the longest and loudest stretches and grunts i’ve ever heard.

Spring buzzing by.

I feel like I’m in a weird time warp.

My first babies are closer to three than two these days, and this new babe of mine is growing like crazy.

Not sure if it’s the fact that Marlowe might be our last baby, or time is really going that much faster, but I already feel like she’s growing so much quicker than Scout and Griffin did.  I remember feeling like they were babies foooooorever.

At any rate, here we are, surrounded by all of these big kids and I’m just trying to take it all in.

Here’s a few photos from our crazy adventurous spring!

Weekly Portrait of My Children 25/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2017.

week twenty-five // scout: knows every single word to every song in moana and frozen, has started repeating full phrases that she hears from us, and randomly says “i love you, mama” about thirty times a day.

week twenty-five // griffin: has a pretty great throwing arm, continues to wake up at 5;30am every single morning- no matter what time he goes to bed, and loves to hug scout constantly.

week twenty-five // marlowe: has started grabbing everything, still sleeps like a champ, and is the absolute apple of our eye.