Family {and first birthday} Photos

Back in August, a dear (and ridiculously talented) friend of mine took photographs for Scout and Griffin’s first birthday.  I can’t believe how much they’ve changed in just those few months from when these photographs were taken!

I made a delicious lemon pound cake with homemade strawberry jam filling, the first time I had baked in almost a year (i don’t know how that’s even possible) for their first cake.  Scout loved it.  Griffin, loved watching Scout love it.  Scout dove in, face first, confirming she’s my daughter.

They were as cooperative as we hoped they would be and we’re in love with the photos!

Here are a few of my favorites from our session with Veronica (please check out her blog here, you’re going to die when you see her sweet babe, Castella!)

scoutgriffin-52 scoutgriffin-51


scoutgriffin-59 scoutgriffin-66 scoutgriffin-65



scoutgriffin-72 scoutgriffin-76 scoutgriffin-77 scoutgriffin-78

scoutgriffin-80 scoutgriffin-85
scoutgriffin-83 scoutgriffin-82 scoutgriffin-81

scoutgriffin-47 scoutgriffin-45 scoutgriffin-44     scoutgriffin-42 scoutgriffin-41 scoutgriffin-40 scoutgriffin-39 scoutgriffin-38   scoutgriffin-36 scoutgriffin-35 scoutgriffin-34 scoutgriffin-33 scoutgriffin-32    scoutgriffin-30 scoutgriffin-29 scoutgriffin-28   scoutgriffin-26    scoutgriffin-23 scoutgriffin-22   scoutgriffin-20 scoutgriffin-19 scoutgriffin-18 scoutgriffin-17 scoutgriffin-16      scoutgriffin-11 scoutgriffin-10    scoutgriffin-8 scoutgriffin-7 scoutgriffin-6   scoutgriffin-4 scoutgriffin-3 scoutgriffin-2 scoutgriffin

all photos by veronica lola photography, ‘we’re one’ sign by marykatemoon




Weekly Portrait of My Children 44/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2015. image


week forty-four// scout: is a full time walker (!!), loved trick or treating, and is doing a great job sharing with griff-o almost all of the time.


week forty-four// griffin: is walking 90% of the time (hey, when you can crawl really really fast, you resort back here and there),  did a great job picking out his favorite candy (which ironically, just so happens to be his dad’s favorite candy as well.  weird.), and says “bai!” all day long.