Weekly Portrait of My Children 38/52

a weekly portrait of my children, every week, in 2015.


week thirty-eight// scout:  is saying “more” for everything (which works for almost everything), has taken a few steps, and loves eating the freshly fallen leaves.

week thirty-eight// griffin:  points out every single ball in our house (including globe lights),  loves clementines, and has mastered the art of climbing in and out of the tub.


Life Lately.

For the past month or so, we’ve been making weekly evening beach trips, and it’s been glorious.
The babes looooove the ocean, and I looooove not having to put sunscreen on them, not having to share the beach with anyone, and the fact that they pass out as soon as we get them back in the car.  Oh, and those cute little bathing suit butts are an added bonus.
S + G  spend an hour or two crawling around the beach chasing seagulls (stella!  stella!  stella!  because apparently every animal is named stella), giggling their way into the still warm ocean, and finding delicious shells to eat.  They couldn’t be happier and there is no place I’d rather be.

A Farewell to Summer

Just as quickly as it came in, summer is on it’s way out.

Wasn’t it just the beginning of June?

Keith had a bit of time off this summer, and it was such a treat for everyone to wake up with him here most mornings.  Our days were packed with picnics, beach trips, farm trips, zoo visits, and family and friends.

As much as I’m ready for fall, I’ll definitely be missing summer (especially this summer) terribly for the first few weeks.  Why can’t we have fall weather, but with long days and 8pm sunsets?  I think something needs to be done about that.  In my spare time.

While we prepare for autumn festivals and evening backyard fires, here are a few photos from our awesome summer….

IMG_9219 IMG_9162 IMG_9139 IMG_9128 IMG_9070 IMG_9027 IMG_8990 IMG_8972 IMG_8966 IMG_8957 IMG_8928 IMG_8880 IMG_8863 IMG_8859 IMG_8850_2 IMG_8808 IMG_8770_2 IMG_8768 IMG_8763 IMG_8759 IMG_8747_2 IMG_8745_2 IMG_8744 IMG_8737 IMG_8733_2 IMG_8708 IMG_8707 IMG_8699 IMG_8684_2 IMG_8672 IMG_8643 IMG_8628 IMG_8618 IMG_8614 IMG_8597 IMG_8575 IMG_8508 IMG_8478 IMG_8453 IMG_8448 IMG_8445 IMG_8441 IMG_8427 IMG_8412 IMG_8382 IMG_8376 IMG_8371 IMG_8365 IMG_8313 IMG_8300 IMG_8292 IMG_8287_2 IMG_8266 IMG_8263_2 IMG_8242 IMG_8224 IMG_8206 IMG_8202 IMG_8194 IMG_8166 IMG_8005 IMG_7891 IMG_0784 IMG_0781 IMG_0775 IMG_0493 IMG_0490 IMG_0451 IMG_0438 IMG_0387 IMG_0338 IMG_0326 IMG_0323 IMG_0322 IMG_0316 IMG_0302 IMG_0216 IMG_0207 IMG_0206 IMG_0191 IMG_0136 IMG_0113 IMG_0033 IMG_0753 IMG_0722 IMG_0718 IMG_0657 IMG_0649 image image image image image image image image image image IMG_0633 IMG_0618 IMG_0608 IMG_0607 IMG_0594 IMG_0576 IMG_9288 IMG_9284 IMG_9264 IMG_9260 IMG_0056 IMG_0043 IMG_0038 image image