My Pregnancy: 35 weeks

Almost there! So basically, even though I’ve really disliked (i’ve decided that I have not completely hated) being pregnant, I am really really really good at it. I’m carrying two healthy, active babies, and have managed to not gain a ton of weight, avoided bedrest and gestational diabetes, maintained low blood pressure, exercised almost daily (3 miles each day) up until at least now, and somehow managed to feel decent throughout the whole process. That being said, I am now 35 weeks and starting to feel pretty uncomfortable.  had every intention of going to my appointment today to ask if I could be induced at 37 weeks. When the doctor came into the room, he asked how I was feeling, to which I replied, “I kind of want to die a little.” He then told me all of the things that I can do to make myself feel a little more comfortable- benadryll or tylenol pm for the lack of sleep, heating pad for back pain, egg crate mattress or certain body pillows for hip pain, tums and other antacids for heartburn, etc. Besides a lack of sleep, I have zero pains. None. Zilch. Absolutely nothing. I have god awful pressure in my pelvis, but that’s because Baby A is all the way down and ready to go- so the pressure is to be expected. Other than that, I can’t complain. Needless to say, I will not be induced at 37 weeks. I’m not allowed to go a day past 38 weeks, but they will not induce me before that. I’ve found peace with that. If these littles choose to come a little earlier than that, I’ll be thrilled, but only time will tell.

How far along: two days shy of 35 weeks

Total weight gain: up another 2 lbs, lovely. 24 lbs total.

Maternity clothes: anything goes at this point.

Stretch marks: none!

Sleep: ha. if by sleep, you mean sitting up with my eyes closed until I have to pee again, then yes I’ve had sleep.

Best moment of this week: finishing the nursery! luckily I started six months ago.

Miss anything: being able to reach the items that slide to the back of my cart at wegmans.

Movement: party animals. they both passed their non stress test this week, woohoo!

Food cravings: not really, tons and tons of water.

Anything making you queasy or sick: i’ve been getting smells stuck in my nose, mostly fart smell or body odor smell- it really is wonderful.


Have you started to show yet: measuring humungous.

Gender: still a girl and a boy. i’m pretty sure that won’t change.

Labor signs: first real contraction last week. I immediately got on packing that hospital bag that I’ve been trying to pack for weeks.

Belly button in or out: still out.

Wedding rings on or off: they’re off and tucked away for me to forget where i put them later.

Happy or moody most of the time: tired. a few random crying breakdowns here and there, some happy, some sad.

Looking forward to: getting these babies out.

My Pregnancy: 33 weeks

As of 32 weeks, I spend a morning a week at the hospital for non stress tests ( where they hook me up to a machine that measures each baby’s movements, my contractions, and my blood pressure for an hour), a weekly doctors appointment to check everything else, and an appointment at the hospital every 3-4 weeks, for a growth scan (which measures the babies growth along side each other to make sure I don’t have one giant baby that is stealing all of the nutrients from the other baby). I’m not quite sure how anyone has a full-time job while pregnant with twins. At my first appt, baby a, who was up all night kicking, decided to sleep through the non stress test, and failed. They then had to do an hour-long ultrasound to make sure she was breathing and swallowing- sure enough, she was. Oy. She failed again this morning. I know she’s in there, she kicks me and moves around all day long, minus the one hour a week that I’m hooked up to that stupid machine. So it begins!

How far along: 33 weeks + 2 days

Total weight gain: don’t worry, i’ve made up for the week i lost weight, i’m now up 4 lbs- 21 lbs total.

Maternity clothes: same old. running low, as only a few things are still fitting me and comfortable to wear in this heat.

Stretch marks: still in the clear. the nurses every week tell me how lucky i am to have a huge white belly with no stretch marks. lucky is relative, i guess.

Sleep: not so bad. up every hour to go the bathroom, but falling back to sleep pretty quickly. averaging about 5 hours a night.

Best moment of this week: catching up with friends that i don’t usually get to see, and having the time to relax.

Miss anything: being able to reach my feet. it’s actually become pretty painful to bend down.

Movement: all day long.

Food cravings: regretting almost every meal larger than a handful of pretzels. eating a ton of blueberries and watermelon- i loooove summer.

Anything making you queasy or sick: getting a lot of random nausea, especially at night.

Have you started to show yet: i’m giant.

Gender: still a girl and a boy. i’m pretty sure that won’t change.

Labor signs: tons of braxton hicks, mostly while walking and trying to sleep.

Belly button in or out: still out.

Wedding rings on or off: they’re off and tucked away for me to forget where i put them later.

Happy or moody most of the time: happy, but ready to be done.

Looking forward to: organizing the rest of my house over the next week.